"Caring Beyond the Box"

Programs to Support Our Soldiers

Exactly how does Support Our Soldiers help our military serving overseas? Below you’ll find a summary of the programs we’ve implemented to fill the needs of our troops. They range from the how we spread the word to how we send pieces of home to those who need it the most.

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Sgt Paws K-9 Program

sgt-paws-logoOur Sergeant Paws K-9 program supports K-9 soldiers by providing care items like, collars, bathing products, chew toys, treats for training, grooming tools, water bowls and more. They work with our troops to keep them safe and assist in many areas of their duties.

Why your support matters:
There are more than 1500 military dogs in the U.S. many deployed around the world. They use both male and female dogs and are highly trained for operations, rescues, detecting explosives and drugs, and keeping bases safe.
Multi purpose canines even help special forces, navy seals, and army rangers.

Do you love dogs and want to help?
Your financial donation helps pay shipping costs to send boxes of supplies to the handlers. Gift cards to Petsmart, Petco, and Amazon.com will be used to select requested items by the handlers.


Thank you for caring for our K-9 soldiers as they are a critical part of our military force.

Kroger Community Rewards
Kroger-Community-Rewards-sosNow you can help Support Our Soldiers when you shop at Kroger. Just click here to visit Kroger Community Rewards. Log in and choose Support Our Soldiers as your charity choice. Every time you shop at Kroger and use your rewards card, Kroger will donate a percentage of your purchase to Support Our Soldiers. Sign up today and tell your friends to do it too!
Community Outreach
support our soldiers community outreach    support our soldiers community outreach    support our soldiers community outreach

Our expansion and growth to reach more soldiers in need, starts within our communities here at home! The more events you host or we can create across cities everywhere, the more families and heroes learn of our support and more citizens become volunteers and donors. We need food drives, card signing events, bake sales, school projects, corporate sponsors, coin drives, and more! Home hosts are also needed where you can host a cocktail party, BBQ, potluck, or whatever you like and invite your friends over to learn more about SOS and donate for our cause! Have fun and be creative and if you’re in the North Texas area we would love come be a part! Email us at info@supportoursoldiers.com and CLICK HERE to host an event for us.

Care Box Brigade
support our soldiers care box brigadesupport our soldiers care box brigadeThe largest program and foundation of our organization are our military care boxes sending food and supplies to those in need serving abroad. We custom pack each box filling requests and needs sent directly from our adopted units and military members to efficiently use our goods and shipping dollars. We do not blind dropship to camps we develop a friendship with our contact heroes and hear from them regularly to know what has arrived and is needed.

support our soldiers care box brigadeFor a general list of items we need ongoing, CLICK HERE or for a smaller list of current outages and items in demand please call 817-551-2908 or email info@supportoursoldiers.com. Each box costs $16.75 to ship to our heroes so please consider a donation CLICK HERE to help us be sure they arrive in a timely manner!

Baking for Heroes
support our soldiers baking for heroesImagine being thousands of miles away and receiving a box of homemade cookies, candy, and baked goods reminiscent of home made with TLC. What a wonderful morale boost and heartfelt way to say thank you for all they do for us. We custom bake flavors requested as much as possible to be unique in supporting our heroes and remind them of better days ahead! Approved items and packing processes must be adhered to for safety and freshness.

support our soldiers baking for heroesIf you would like to volunteer to Bake for Heroes and have your baking included in our care boxes contact us. If you are a manufacturer and would like to be a corporate partner with our organization by donating your baked items for our troops, please call 817-551-2908 or contact us.

Letters from Home Campaign
support our soldiers letter programIn this day of technology, card and letter writing are becoming a lost art. SOS has committed to sending the written word to those who do not receive mail while away or to who need it most. Across the country we have many groups helping us by writing cards and letters such as:
support our soldiers letter program

  • Retirement homes
  • VFW/American Legions
  • College service fraternities/sororities
  • Youth groups- church or community
  • Network groups
  • Rotary Clubs
  • Girl/Boy Scouts

support our soldiers letter programIf you would like to use our template with 4 cards per sheet CLICK HERE or you may use any coloring pages, homemade cards, or paper. Please do not date or add a last name. There are no specific words to say just write from your heart, be positive and uplifting, and remember to say thank you for all they do. If you would like information on hosting a card drive contact us and take photos so we may share with our military members and on our website and social media.

Guidelines for sending Letters from Home:

  • Please do not include any contact information on the letters.
  • Letters will be sent in bulk with care boxes so please do not place individual letters in envelopes.
  • Including homemade drawings is a great idea, but please do not use any glitter.
  • Large quantities of letters can be sent in bulk in a large envelope to the Support Our Solders offices. The address is available on our Contact page.
Operation SHE-RO
support our soldiers operation she-roFemale warriors are fighting for our freedoms every day and this program was designed specifically to care for their unique/personal needs while deployed. In addition to custom contents of their care boxes, we include room deodorizers, nail paint, spa items, body sprays, lotions, and other items to provide a relaxing moment while far from home. Many of the base markets/PX run out or do not carry items these ladies need so with your help we are able to offset the deficits. The contributions of our female military members have paved the way for young women to become anything they dream to be and they are role models for women everywhere. We are honored to send TLC to these SHE-Roes as they fight to defend our way of life.

support our soldiers operation she-roIf you have items that could benefit our ladies abroad or are a corporate partner that would like to contribute, please contact us to help. We are happy to provide tax receipts for your generosity.

support our soldiers operation she-ro

Card of Kindness
cards-of-kindnessEver see a veteran or military member and want to shake their hand but just do not know what to say? We have created “Cards of Kindness” just for that occasion!

The beautiful sentiment on the front says in part, “thank you for their sacrifice and service” and contact information is on the back for any deployed needing help or for veterans who may want to volunteer or donate.

For a small $20.00 donation we will send 20 cards for you to distribute and you may reorder as many as you need with the donations. Help us spread the word that we love and appreciate our heroes and be part of the blessing by sharing “kindness” to those who deserve it most!

Click Here to Get Yours

Meet & Greet Retreats
support our soldiers meet and greetIn our mission statement we reference, “bringing military and community together” and it’s a foundation point that makes us unique. When the military member comes home, we invite and arrange for them to visit North Texas and our supporters providing most all expenses for them while they are here through donated services. We do not prefer a 10% off discount, we want to provide an appropriate thank you for our heroes to have a place to feel loved, supported and meet the volunteers and communities that have sent cards, hosted food drives, etc on their behalf. It allows our community to see who they have helped and shake their hand in person and connects the military member with faces they have wanted to meet. It’s a very strong bond and offers accountability for both sides.
We need YOUR help if you are in this area to donate the following:
support our soldiers meet and greet

  • Restaurant meals
  • Airline miles for flights
  • Hotel rooms
  • Massage therapy
  • Concert or sports tickets
  • Spa services
  • Local attraction passes (Zoo, museums, theater, etc)

support our soldiers meet and greetThis allows us to provide a FREE getaway of relaxation for our heroes and they deserve all we can give them. If you are a corporation and would like to be a partner with us or an individual who can help in these ways click here to contact us please. Your donations are tax deductible and receipts can be provided.

Words From the Soldiers

"Support Our Soldiers was one of the most helpful services I had in Afghanistan. The packages I received were phenomenal. I always got to pick and choose anything I really wanted and if I ever needed anything I got it. I love and appreciate everything they did. Thank you so much SOS. I love what you do!!"

Words From the Soldiers

"You reinforce our beliefs that people care that we are out here keeping America’s enemies as far away as possible from our loved ones."

Words From the Soldiers

"I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU on behalf of all my soldiers, and myself. We are part of B Co. 2/149 stationed in Afghanistan. We have started to receive the packages that you have been putting together and sending. We cannot thank you enough for the love and support that you provide to the
Troops. Some of them have reminded me of a kid at Christmas when your boxes arrive. Its nice to see the smiles that you have brought to their faces. Thank You again for the wonder things that you do."