"Caring Beyond the Box"

Why SPC Royce Carnley Is Doing This for SOS (Continued)

power of one ruck marchSOS continues to support our military even when they get back home. They help with everything from finding furniture, clothes, jobs, and more importantly simple moral support providing a family like person to talk to. I guarantee SOS has saved lives by providing a support line to our military that don’t have any family or support here at home. Teresa has even been asked by a Soldier to be listed as a “next of kin” because Teresa and SOS were the closest thing to family that Soldier had.

I was able to attend the first annual REDneck Roundup Benefit supporting SOS. I was honored to speak and share my experience with SOS as did a few other respected military members I deeply felt I could do better to raise awareness for SOS and all they do for our heroes in uniform both overseas and here at home. When I was in Afghanistan, I served as one our company snipers and it was my job to protect the other Soldiers. That fire to protect our brothers and sisters in uniform still burns inside of me and since I’m not overseas protecting them with my rifle I will do what I can to support them from here at home.

power of one ruck marchThat’s why this November 10th-12th, I will be going on a ruck march to raise awareness about SOS. It will start in Weatherford, TX on the 10th and travel through Granbury, Cresson, Godley, Cleburne, Joshua, Burleson, and end up in Crowley on the 12th. These dates were chosen to honor our Vets around Veteran’s Day. The message is simple. It’s about “The Power of One.” The power of one person to make a difference to so many. Whether a person feels led to donate money, donate food, donate furniture, donate various items, or by simply volunteering to help, one person can have a huge impact to our heroes in uniform. I will be streaming live videos along the way and hope to see all of you as I pass through the towns listed above. Our Military overseas will get to see the video so please come out and show your support for our heroes deployed and here at home. Hope to see you along the way!