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Introducing Sgt Paws K-9 Program

Our Sergeant Paws K-9 program supports K-9 soldiers by providing care items like, collars, bathing products, chew toys, treats for training, grooming tools, water bowls and more. They work with our troops to keep them safe and assist in many areas of their duties.

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SPC Bell

I just wanted to thank everyone for their support. It really means a lot to all of us who are overseas serving. I’ve been volunteering with SOS for nearly 8 years now and I’ve seen both sides, the giving and receiving. I didn’t really know how much care packages meant until I started receiving them.

SGT Eric Morgan

The times that we needed something SOS was there. June 1, 2012 hit us hard. Our chow hall and Px were hit by a suicide bomber and it made it harder for us to get the things we needed. SOS heard about it and all of a sudden we were receiving packages of things we needed.

SGT Lori Cespedes, Army National Guard

Support Our Soldiers helped me through my 9 month tour tremendously. Being away from family, loved ones and the normal comforts of life SOS definitely provided the little things that made me feel like I was not forgotten and that what I was doing mattered.

SGT Quentin Davis, Army National Guard

It was very hard to find and keep supply’s in our resiliency center in Kuwait. Because we where scattered around the global on this deployment. So one day I went on facebook looking for non profits who supported soldiers. I left message and and I liked each paged but one instantly replied. It was SOS.

Mary H. Army Captain / Medevac pilot

Thank you for everything you did for me while I was deployed. I don’t think people realize how tremendous an impact you have on others and now that I am recovering at Walter Reed, I realize just how blessed I was to know I could ask you for anything know you were there.

SPC Robert Wood, Army National Guard

I want to thank everyone who has been a part of the Support Our Soldiers community. I was given the group’s contact information through another soldier and I was amazed at the response I was given from the organization. No matter what time of day it was, they were very quick to respond.

LTC Weeks – Army

I was deployed to Afghanistan for a one year tour in support of Operation Enduring Freedom…Every item I requested from Support Our Soldiers was sent to us and the packages came often. They would include homemade cookies in some of the packages and this made her packages the ones that my staff would look forward to getting.

SPC Wilson- Army

All I can say about the SOS is it’s a slice of home away from home. I love being able to talk to Teresa as though she were my own mother and best friend…I love Support Our Soldiers and the people that help take care of me while I’m on deployment. Thank you for all your help.

GYSGT J.M.- Marines – Afghanistan

The Support Our Soldiers family has contributed more than anyone could ever ask for during my unit’s current deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. They have been so generous…I can assure you that with this generosity, many of my Marines felt the support, carried smiles on their faces, and knew in their hearts why we were over here.

SGT Sibley- Army

I was Teresa’s first adopted soldier. I was deployed to Iraq/Kuwait for ten months. Receiving her care packages was not the same as any care package. Each box contained a little piece of home. Every box had something personal and with meaning.

SFC J. C. O’LEARY- Army National Guard- Afghanistan

The folks at SOS take a personal interest in the Soldiers whom they support and that means a lot to us. They send cards and emails to keep in touch, and for some of the Soldiers who do not have large families to keep in touch with, it is a very nice thing for them. Their support is genuine and sincere and that means a lot to us.

CPT E.R. – Army – Afghanistan

Each time a package arrived it lifted my spirits and made my day so much better. I shared her food and gifts with other Soldiers in my section and she soon became famous around our offices. Every time a package from Teresa arrived it was like Christmas. Thank you for making the lives of myself and my fellow Soldiers so much better.

SPC A.K.- Army, Airborne – Afghanistan

While I was in Afghanistan I received countless boxes of goodies from SOS. The boxes were not just any generic box, they meant a lot because I knew they were made with love. The boxes from SOS always show up when I really needed the food and supplies and the cards of inspiration. I was and am still grateful for all I received from SOS. Thanks!

SSG A.C. Army Medic – Afghanistan

Getting care packages from home is always nice and appreciated, but when they’re personalized to you, it makes it feel like the packages are coming from a family member, not someone who’s doing charity work. I felt such a connection to my sponsor and I know that if/when I deploy again, she will be still be there for me. I still keep in touch with her to this day. Thank you so much SOS!

1LT A. Duchak – N.C. National Guard – Afghanistan and Egypt

The one constant that I know, without a doubt is that anything I want or need for my men I can ask Mrs. Nelson and through Support Our Soldiers I will have it. I could not have asked for a better organization than SOS, where supporting soldiers and doing it in a very personal way is their number one priority. I will always fully endorse and recommend the use of Support Our Soldiers to any soldier…

CPL Mena, Army – Kuwait

Throughout my deployment your boxes were so appreciated and you never ceased to amaze me every time I opened a box or card. You bring a whole new meaning to “support the troops”, you do more than send boxes…You make it your duty to be sure the soldiers are happy and taken care of…God bless you and Support Our Soldiers!

SGT Johannes, Army – Afghanistan

I want to thank everyone for their support. The small things that you do for my troops and I make a big difference. The smiles of gratitude every time a box or a letter comes in could never be replaced. Sometimes it feels like an unappreciated job, but with everyone’s support we are able to make it another day and return home to our families and loved ones.

PFC Damore, Army – Afghanistan

This is my first deployment and honestly, Teresa has made it very easy on me. She is an ear when I need to vent and a support when I’m down. I know I can count on her every week for goodies and my favorite snacks. My mother is also very grateful for her, because she knows that I have a warm hearted person other than her giving me the support I need to get through this.

Support Our Soldiers (SOS) is a military support non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization based in Fort Worth, Texas. Founded in July, 2011, our mission is to connect the community and military together by sending custom care boxes, supplies, and letters of support to our soldiers deployed overseas. We intend to show our solders they are loved and not forgotten.

Support Our Soldiers is different from other groups in that we are in direct contact with the soldiers so they can tell us exactly what they need. This allows us to offer them help they most often would not be able to get any other way.

Support Our Soldier Headquarters:
616 Shelby Road #C | Fort Worth TX 76140

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